Universe Systems

Provide Cloud Base Automation API, just send request and get running test in the cloud or in your dedicated servers.

Retrieve online data, monitor and alert on desktop applications, responsive web sites & mobile applications.

Aggregate parts of data from different sources and merge them into one useful information set.

Integrate with any component (inner/outer) and perform as third party service provider.


Gravity API

Gravity API is a new concept of delivering all automation capabilities as a service which can be consumed by any HTTP Client. Just send request and get running test on the cloud or in house servers.

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Data As A Service

We provide advanced crawling engine which is built inside Gravity API and allows you to actively search, evaluate, extract, aggregate and populate data from the world wide web using simple HTTP request!


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Advanced Action Robot known as RPA, build to think, compare & act according to sets of rules. Ocean can imitate user behavior and replace him for specific actions like: Data Entry and many more.

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